Rabbit anti-Rift Valley Fever Virus G2/Gc antiserum - 100 ul


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    Western Blotting: Purified protein RVFG25-R-100 is available as
    a control with RVFV11-S. Use at dilution of 1:50,000-1:100,000
    ELISA: A450 of 1.0 obtained against RFVG25-R-10 at a dilution
    of 125k
    *Above dilutions are a suggestion and user’s must optimize based
    on their own assays. This protein can be used for applications not
    suggested above but has not been validated by ADI in other
    Specificity & Cross-reactivity
    RVFG25-R-100 has 59% homology with Gabek Forest virus
    glycoprotein, 57% Karimabad virus glycoprotein, 55% Uriurana
    virus glycoprotein, 54% Uriurana virus glycoprotein, and 53%
    Punta Toro virus M protein.
    References: Dessau M, Modis Y (January 2013). Proc. Natl.
    Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 110 (5): 1696–701; Jup, P. G. (2002). Medical
    and veterinary entomology 16 (3): 245–252; Turell, M. J (2007).
    Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association 23 (4): 378–