Streptavidin Coated 96 well Solid plates, Clear PS - 10 plates
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    Clear, white and black Streptavidin 96 Well Solid Plates are manufactured from pure polystyrene with low fluorescence and can be used for ELISA, Luminescence and Fluorescence assays. White and black solid plates have a minimal light scatter and prevent well-to-well crosstalk. The radius edged inner bottom of the wells improves the efficiency of washing. The Streptavidin Coated 96 Well Solid Plates comply with SBS standards and the design assures a good performance in automatic processing plant.

    *Plates are pre blocked with standard proteic blocking ELISA Blocking or with Non Proteic Blocking BlockerWell

    *Recommended working volume of 75 to 200 μl

    *Each coated plate is packed in a single barrier bag with desiccant

    Streptavidin coated surface on Streptavidin Coated 96 Well Solid Plates offers a powerful and universal instrument for binding any biotinylated molecule (Proteins-Peptides-Polysaccharides-Oligonucleotides-DNA fragments-etc.) finding a special application for those molecules which do not offer reliable bonding by passive adsorption or adsorb in an unfavourable orientation.


    *ELISA Assay

    *Luminescence Assay (LIA)

    *Fluorescence Assay (FIA)

    *Chemiluminescent Assay (CLIA)