omniPETTE 12 Channel Pipette (5 - 50ul) - 1 unit
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    • 12 Multichannel version
    • Easy operation for right- and left-handed users
    • Low pipetting forces
    • Highly durable shaft
    • UV resistant
    • Recalibration system
    • Autoclaveable
    • Volume: 5 - 50 uL

    Safety and comfort

    The distinctive handle of these pipettes, with ejector push button located on the top of the finger rest, and the volume counter facing backwards, offer their user the sense of comfort and continuous control of the pipetting volume. OmniPETTE pipettes feature PVDF shafts ensuring the increased chemical and mechanical durability of the product.

    OmniPETTE Multichannel pipettes are available in wide range of volumes from 0.5 µl to 300 µl.

    Large volume display

    Easy-to-read numbers make it simple for the user to check progress.

    Accuracy and precision

    Each pipette is crafted from the most sophisticated materials to a superior technological design, and is individually tested (Quality Control Certificate included) on the most precise electronic balances.

    Smooth adjustment of pipette volume

    The new pipetting mechanism of the OmniPETTE allows for the precise and effortless setting of pipette volume. Winding the counter from min to max volume can easily be performed with one hand.

    Multichannel manifold

    OmniPETTE multichannels feature a revolutionary suspension system which allows the shafts to retract slightly when they are pressed against a row of pipette tips. Each shaft moves independently, resulting in an even sealing force being applied to all 8 or 12 tips. This ensures that all tips are secured on their individual shaft with the minimum of effort - and never fall off! The suspension system not only ensures secure tip sealing but also eliminates the common occurrence of tips getting jammed on pipette outer shafts. The innovative ejection bar of the OmniPETTE is curved, allowing the tips to be pushed off in increments, therefore reducing the amount of force required for ejection. For comfortable pipetting in any direction, the improved OmniPETTE manifold now ejects tips within 360°.

    UV resistant

    Crafted out of highly durable materials, OmniPETTE Series Pipettes can be safely sterilised with UV radiation. Even prolonged exposure to UV beams does not damage the plastic, and the decolouration of the pipette parts is minimal.

    Recalibration system

    The calibration key provided with OmniPETTE allows for quick and accurate pipette recalibration.

    Reliable pipette tip system

    Gentaur offers a wide range of pipette models, and the shafts of the OmniPETTE are designed to fit all popular tips. To ensure outstanding precision and repeatability, each pipette is manually calibrated. The performance of every pipette is checked by gravimetric methods and the results of test are printed in the pipette's Quality Control Certificate.