PhosphoBlocker Blocking Reagent,1 L

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    PhosphoBlocker Blocking Reagent,1 L

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    Most commercially available Western blot blockers, such as dry milk or serum, are sufficient to block unreactive sites on the membrane. However, they are not designed to preserve phosphoprotein antigens during blotting.

    Our PhosphoBLOCKER™ Blocking Reagent provides superior blocking by maximizing signal-to-noise ratio. The PhosphoBLOCKER™ reagent particluarly excels with very low levels of endogenous phopsphoproteins.

    PhosphoBlocker Blocking Reagent,1 L

    Superior Blocking with PhosphoBLOCKER™ Blocking Reagent. A549 cell lysate was blocked with dry milk (top) or PhosphoBLOCKER™ reagent (bottom) before detection with anti-Phospho-p38 antibody.