ChonBlock Detection Antibody Dilution Buffer - 100 ml

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    ChonBlock Detection Antibody Dilution Buffer - 100 ml

    Product details

    DESCRIPTION: A mammalian protein-based ELISA buffer for detection/secondary antibody dilution


    QUANTITY: 100 ml FORM: Solution containing 0.4% Tween-20, pH 7.8

    USAGE: Buffer is ready to use.

    STORAGE: -20°C

    STABILITY: 1 year

    NOTES: N/A

    REFERENCES: K. Terato, C. Do, D. Cutler, T. Waritani, H. Shionoya, Preventing intense false positive and negative reactions attributed to the principle of ELISA to re-investigate antibody studies in autoimmune diseases. J Immunol Methods 407, 15-25 (2014).