Maackia amurensis Lectin (MAA/MAL I), Cy5 - 1 mg
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    • SourceMaackia amurensis (Amur maackia)
    • Activity: Non-specific
    • Carbohydrate Specificity: Siaα2-3Galß1-4GlcNAc
    • Molecular Weight: 130 kDa
    • Inhibitory Carbohydrate: Lactose
    • Divalent Ions Required: None
    • Mitogenic Activity: Yes
    • Conjugation: Cy5
    • Excitation:Maximum at 650 nm
    • Emission:Maximum at 670 nm


    Storage and Stability:

    Store frozen at -20°C in amber vials or covered with foil in appropriate aliquot sizes. Avoid freeze thaw cycles. Can be stored at 2-8°C for short term use.