HRP Labeling Kit for proteins and antibodies - 3x 100 ug
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    Gentaur's HRP Labeling Kit provides a simple and quick process to conjugate antibodies, peptides, proteins and other molecules with free amine groups with HRP.

    Kit components:

    • Activated HRP conjugates solution

    • HRP labeling solution

    • HRP quencher powder

    Features & Benefits:

    • Activated HRP – periodate-treated, aldehyde-activated horseradish peroxidase, ready for Labeling to antibodies and other proteins at sites of primary amines (e.g., lysines).

    • High activity HRP – enzyme activity is 120 to 200 units/mg; activated enzyme is stable for at least 12 months at -20°C.

    • Convenient quantities – each 1 mg-quantity of activated enzyme is sufficient for reaction with 1 mg of IgG.

    • Customizable – vary the molar ratios, reaction buffer and pH, and other parameters to acheive conjugates with different levels of HRP incorporation and activity.

    Usage notes:

    • The purified antibody to be labeled should ideally be in 10-50 mM amine-free buffer (e.g. MES, MOPS, HEPES, PBS), pH range 6.5 to 8.5.

    • Common non-buffering salts (e.g. sodium chloride), chelating agents (e.g. EDTA), and sugars have no effect on Labeling efficiency. We do not recommend performing a HRP Labeling in presence of sodium azide or adding sodium azide with your HRP conjugated antibody. Glycerol up to 50% has no effect.

    • The amount of antibody used for Labeling should ideally correspond to molar ratios between 1:4 and 1:1 Antibody to HRP.

    • Antibody concentrations in the range 0.5-4 mg/ml generally give optimal results.

    Storage: Store all components at 4˚C for 6 months.

    Shipping: Gel packs / blue ice.