Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP) Activity Assay Kit - 96 wells plate (80 assays)
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    Detection instrument: Microplate reader(500-530 nm,optimum wavelength: 520 nm)

    Detection method: Colorimetric method

    Detection principle:

    Alkaline phosphatase decompose benzene disodium phosphate to produce free phenol and phosphoric acid. Phenol react with 4-aminopyrline in alkaline solution and oxidizes with potassium ferricyanide to form red quinone derivative. The enzyme activity can be calculated indirectly by measuring the OD value.

    Performance characteristics
    Sample typeSerum,plasma,tissue,cells
    Sensitivity0.13 King unit/100 mL
    Detection range0.13-50 King unit/100 mL
    Detection methodColorimetric method
    Assay typeEnzyme Activity
    Assay time30 min
    PrecisionAverage inter-assay CV: 8.500%Average intra-assay CV: 5.100%
    Other instruments requiredMicropipettor, Centrifuge, Incubator, Vortex mixer
    Other reagents requiredNormal saline (0.9% NaCl), PBS (0.01 M, pH 7.4)
    Valid period12 months