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    Promoter: gpdA

    Replicon: pUC ori

    Terminator: TRPC

    Plasmids: other host vectors; filamentous fungal expression plasmids

    Plasmid size: 6756bp

    Prokaryotic resistance: ampicillin Ampicillin

    Screening markers: hygromycin Hygromycin

    Cloned strain: DH5 alpha

    Culture conditions: 37 centigrade, aerobic, LB

    Expression host: filamentous fungi

    Culture conditions: Reference Literature

    Induction mode: no induction

    5'sequencing primers: Based on full sequence design

    3'sequencing primers: Based on full sequence design

    Note: NCBI: Z32698.1

    Use:Filamentous fungal plasmid

    pAN7- 1 Plasmid Description


    1、Effect of de-phosphorylation of linearized pAN7-1 and of addition of restriction enzyme on plasmid integration in Penicillium paxilli.

    2、Transformation of sapstaining fungi with hygromycin B resistance plasmids pAN7-1 and pCB1004.

    3、Padro de integrao de pAN7-1 em mutantes de Magnaporthe grisea com patogenicidade alterada em arroz.

    4、Integração de pAN7-1 no Genoma de Magnaporthe grisea Mediada por Enzima de Restrição.

    5、Primary structure of the trpC gene from Aspergillus nidulans.

    6、Transformation of Aspergillus based on the hygromycin B resistance marker from Escherichia coli.

    7、Functional elements in the promoter region of the Aspergillus nidulans gpdA gene encoding glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase