AGL1 Agrobacterium Strain, 100 ul
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    AGL1 Agrobacterium Strain

    STR3006           Packing  100ul

    Store at -80℃


    AGL1 Agrobacterium Strain Genotype  

    C58 RecA (rif R/carbR) Ti pTiBo542DT-DNA (strepR) Succinamopine  


    AGL1 Agrobacterium Strain Information

    Type Agrobacterium tumefaciens

    Resistance: Rif (20ug/ml)/ Car(50 μg/ml)
    Culture medium: YEB
    Strain category: Agrobacterium tumefaciens
    Culture conditions: 28 centigrade, aerobic, YEB
    Transformation of plasmids: electric conversion and transformation
    Preservation method: 30% glycerin, -80℃
    Basic application: transgene


    AGL1 Agrobacterium Strain Description

    AGL1 Agrobacterium Strain was C58, RecA background, containing screening label, rifampicin resistant gene RIF and carbenicillin resistance gene carb in nuclear genes, in order to facilitate the transformation of the operation, the strains carrying Ti plasmid pTiBo542DT-DNA amber base without its transport function, the plasmid containing vir gene (VIR T-DNA gene was inserted into the plant genome required the T-DNA element, pTiBo542DT-DNA plasmid transfer function is damaged, but can help the binary vector T-DNA to successfully transfer). The pTiBo542DT-DNA Ti plasmid contains a screening tag: strep, giving AGL1 streptomycin resistance, which is suitable for transgenic operation of plants such as rice, Arabidopsis and poplar. AGL1 strain was cultured on LB or YEB at 28 centigrade aerobic culture, and 30% glycerol could be used to preserve the bacteria.

    1.  This product is FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY!
    2.Please kindly culture it as soon as possible then harvest and store at -80℃.
    3. Shipping condition 4℃ (glycerol).


    AGL1 Agrobacterium Strain Reference

    Publication for  STR3006 AGL1 Agrobacterium Strain
    Article:  CRISPR-Cas Methods
    M. Tofazzal IslamPankaj K. BhowmikKutubuddin A. Molla


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