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    Superose™ 6 Increase prepacked columns (Fig 1) are designed for rapid separation and analysis of proteins and other biomolecules by size exclusion chromatography (SEC, also known as gel filtration), in the molecular weight (Mr ) range for globular proteins between 5000 and 5 000 000. This very wide fractionation range of the chromatographic resin makes it suitable for purification of protein complexes, membrane proteins, and other macromolecules. The columns are also useful as a screening tool to explore the molecular-weight distribution of unknown samples. This new generation SEC resin replaces the well-known Superose 6 columns.

    Superose 6 Increase columns offer: 

    • Increased resolution compared with Superose 6, for higher purity and improved analysis results 

    • Reduced runtime compared with Superose 6, for rapid results 

    • Versatile use for both preparative and analytical applications, especially for large proteins and complexes 

    • Tolerance to repeated harsh cleaning procedures at high pH, giving long column lifetime and minimal carry-over